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 Wooden Bell:
Wooden Bell

A absolutely gorgeous hand-crafted wooden bell from the
Carpathian mountains.  Either  side is adorned with Orthodox 
churches while inside has the most lovely sounding bell. 
Measures approximately 8" tall. Click on the picture to see the 
amazing detail of this very unique piece.

Hutzul Wall Decoration:
Hutsul Wall DecorationHutsul Wall Decoration-1

A wonderful  wooden hand carved wall decoration made by a Ukrainian master in Western Ukraine. This sculpture is made in ancient Hutzul style.  pedestal. Legends say that such sculptures were hung up on a wall to success. This fabulous guy has a detachable pipe and measures approximately 14" in height. It is sure to be the talk of all your guests.

Wooden Icon Plate 1:
Wooden Ukrainian Icon Plate 1

A gorgeous carved Icon plate of crowned Mary and Jesus.  It measures approximately a large 10.5" in diameter and is a beautiful display of Ukrainian art work. 
Only 1 available

Wooden Icon Plate 2:
Ukrainian Wooden icon plate 2

This Icon plate of Jesus would make a beautiful set with Icon Plate #1 or on it's own it would be lovely in any room. Measuring approximately 10.5" in diameter, it is a worthy piece of art work.
Only 1 available

Wooden Tryzub Plate:
Wooden Tryzub Plate

A perfectly carved Tryzub from the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.  The craftsmanship of this plate is second to none.  6 1/2" in diameter.
Only 1 available

Candle Holders 1:
Wooden Candle Holders

Handcrafted in the Carpathian Mountains, this wonderfully carved set holds two candles.  It measures 6.5" at it's tallest point and5.5" at it widest point. A beautiful piece to add to your collection. 
Only 1 Available.


Candle Holders 2 & 3:
Carved Candle Holder 2Candle Holder #3
Shown above
Left to right: 2 & 3

Very traditionally carved candle holders hand-crafted in the Carpathian Mountains.  Each candle holder measures approximately 8" tall. 
Only 1 each available.
$10.00 each
Candle Holder #2:

Candle Holder #3:

Candle Holders 4 & 5
Wooden Candle Holder #4Wooden Candle Holder #5
Shown above
Left to right: 4 & 5

A very simply yet unique design. Hand-crafted in the Carpathian Mountains, these candle holders would make a perfect gift for anyone.  Measures approximately 5.5" tall.
Only 1 each available.
$7.00 each
Candle Holder #4:

Candle Holder #5:

Hand-painted Jewelry Box:
Ukrainian Box

Petrikivskyi jewelry box enhanced with hand-painted flowers, this would make an  absolutely great gift for anyone. 
WAS: $32.00 each
ON SALE: $25.00.
Only one available.

Hand-Crafted Trinket Boxes:
Trinket Boxes
Shown top row: box 1 & box 2
Middle row: box 3 and box 4
Bottom row: box 5

Made in Kiev Ukraine, Petrikivskyi trinket boxes. A beautiful scenic painting on a black background. Bright rich oil paints are used on these lovely trinket boxes.  Lacquered to a high gloss finish.  No two boxes are alike. Approximately 2 1/2" in diameter. More similar boxes will be available shortly. 
$15.00 each

Box 1:

Box 4:

Box 2:

Box 5:

Box 3:

Birch Bark Jewelry Box:
Birch Boxes

SOLD              B

Hand crafted and carved jewelry boxes may look like leather but they are actually made out of Birch tree bark too. Exceptional craftsmanship went into each box.  Just over 4" in diameter.  Made in Donetsk, Ukraine. 
WAS $50.00 each
ON SALE: $40.00 
Birch Box B:

Birch Bark Trinket Boxes:
Birch Boxes
Shown top row 1, 2, & 3
Bottom Row 4

Birch Boxes

Birch Boxes
Shown above left to right 2, 1, 4 and 3

These 4 lovely boxes are hand-crafted in Western Ukraine. Each 
is made from birch bark.  Birch is said to have natural healing 
powers and these little boxes are no exception.  Each box is very exquisite and unique and all are covered in carvings with the two 
larger ones with carvings on the inside as well. All four of these 
boxes are one-of-a-kind and would make a fantastic addition to 
any collection.
Box #1: $25.00 Shows a lovely fantasy scene.  The couple are actually raised slightly higher than the rest of the lid.  The background of the lid shows their horse and a scenic 
background.  Inside the lid is a forest scene with the artist's 
name carved into the lid.  The outside of the box has vines 
carved into it.  Measures approx. 3" in diameter.

Box #2: $15.00 Carved onto the lid is a perfect little squirrel
sitting on a branch.  The work is amazing. The outside of the
is carved with a leaf design. Measures approx. 2" in diameter.

Box #3: $25.00 The outside of this box is very unusual.  It's 
lid is adorned with a very detailed Orthodox Church.  The 
inside of box also is carved with the same Church.  The  outside of the box has a raised pedestal type design. 
Measures approx. 
3" in diameter.

Box #4: $15.00 The last box has a Moscow Orthodox 
Cathedral carved into the lid.  The outside of the box is 
carved with leaves. Measures approx. 2" in diameter.


Wooden Spoons:

Above "A" 

Spoon "C" Above 


These are very unique hand-painted wooden spoons from 
Ukraine.  It was tradition when visiting a friend to bring a gift of a spoon to your friend to display on the wall.  The more wooden spoons one had, meant the more friends you had.  A must have 
for any spoon collector or for one  just starting out.  Spoon "A" 
and "B" measure approx 8"  long while the rest are approx 7" 
long.  You simply must click on these spoons to see the beautiful painting on each egg. Spoons priced according to artwork of the spoon.  Each spoon is shown both sides as the art is beautiful on 
each side.  These are the only spoons available of their type and
when they are gone, they are gone. You don't want to miss 
out on these one of a kind works of art!
Spoon "A" $12.00 SOLD
Spoon "B" $7.00 SOLD

Spoon "C" $5.00

Wooden Toporets (Axes):
Axe 1 Axe
Axe "A" left   Axe "B"

These hand-carved and painted axes from Ukraine can be used 
as a lovely display or as a prop.
Axe "A": 21" long: $12.00 each

Axe "B" Metal and Wood: 20" long: $20.00 each

Wooden Maces:
Ukrainian rulers and guards used the mace as a weapon until the 19th century.  It later became a ceremonial symbol of power and domination.  
 Maces can be used as a display or prop, they are all hand-made in the Carpathian Mountains.

Wooden Mace
Mace #1
 Measures approx. 16" in length.

Mace #2 
Beautifully carved and inlaid with gold metal beads.  Measures approx. 20" in length

Mace #3
Inlaid with blue beads this mace is very intricately carved. Measures approx. 20" in length  


Ukrainian Wooden Mace 4

Mace #4 
Beautifully carved and inlaid with blue beads.  Measures approx. 20" in length
Ukrainian Wooden Mace 5
Ukrainian Wooden Mace 5a
Mace #5 
Exquisitely carved and inlaid with light blue beads.  Measures approx. 20" in length
Ukrainian Wooden Mace 6
Ukrainian Wooden Mace 6a
Mace #6 
Stunningly carved with Tryzubs and inlaid with white beads.  Measures approx. 20" in length

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