Wooden Crosses

4 Sep

Wooden Crosses

All of our crosses are hand crafted in the Carpathian Mountains, each has it’s own uniqueness and beauty depicting the beautiful work of Western Ukraine’s artisans. Each has a hole in the back and ready to hang.  The brass crucifixes also have support on the top for hanging (as seen in pictures).  All the crosses are made of natural wood found in the Carpathian Mountains.

4 Sep

Your Ukrainian Wedding

Your in love and it’s time to plan your wedding but now you have one small problem.  Your baker doesn’t make Ukrainian wedding cakes or you can’t find your wedding icons.  Here at we are happy to help.  Our baker makes the sweetest and most intricate breads while our clothing and icons come directly from Ukraine.   Below you will find just a small bit of information on some of the traditions and rituals that will take place at your Ukrainian ceremony. 

 The Ukrainian marriage ceremony is rich in tradition and rituals.  The first part of the Ukrainian wedding ceremony, the Betrothal, takes place in the rear vestibule of the church. During the Betrothal, the bride and groom affirm that they are both entering this union freely and as equals. It is at this point that the priest blesses the wedding bands and places them on the fingers of the bride and groom. 

The starosty are two friends or family members (the maid of honour and best man) who preside over the wedding as official witnesses. Back in the days of arranged marriages, the starosty acted as matchmakers and were solely responsible for negotiating the union. Today, the starosty’s  responsibilities are far more limited. They lead the wedding procession and carry the icons of Jesus and the Virgin Mary into the church. These icons will eventually hold a prominent place in the home of the married couple, and will serve as the spiritual center of the household. 
The front of the church is the scene of the final, most sacred portion of a Ukrainian wedding ceremony-the Crowning. It is during the Crowning that the bride and groom place their right hands on the gospel, exchange their vows and become married in the eyes of God.

A Crowning just isn’t a Crowning without-crowns. These crowns represent a symbol of love, purity and fertility. They are placed over the heads of the bride and groom (by the maid of honour and best man) to signify the dawn of a new kingdom to be ruled by the couple-side by side. They also remind the newlyweds that their marriage is a partnership in Christ, and that they owe it to God and to each other to live a life of honor and love.

The hands of the bride and groom are joined with an embroidered cloth , or rushnyk, by the Priest to signify their newly forged union. Once bound to one another, the couple circles the tetrapod (small altar) three times. This procession is called the “Dance of Isaiah,” which reminds us that marriage is a never-ending journey. These are the first steps the young couple takes as husband and wife, so it is only fitting that they walk around the tetrapod-a symbol of Christ.

The couple drinks wine three times to acknowledge the importance of the Holy Trinity and to remind us of Christ’s first miracle at the wedding at Cana. The wine also symbolizes the sweetness of the love that flows from God.

Following the church ceremony comes a grand reception of which there will be lots of food and dancing. At some point during this evening’s festivities, the band will roll into a few bars of a new song, and a funny thing will happen. Ukrainians will actually leave the bar. They’ll suddenly swarm the dance floor to form a large circle. All this activity is a sure sign that the kolomeyka has begun. The kolomeyka is a traditional Ukrainian dance that features a medley of leaps, kicks, and spins.

  1. Korovai
    • The korovai is a traditional wedding bread that symbolizes community, and it takes the place of wedding cake at a Ukrainian reception. Baked in a 9″ cake pan. The korovai is adorned with periwinkle, flowers and bread doves.
  2. Wedding Rushnyk
    • The wedding rushnyk is an important part of your wedding.  During the wedding the couple must kneel on a wedding towel (rushnyk). Kalyna can provide you with an authentic one from Ukraine.  Hand-embroidered to perfection with lots of embroidery and the traditional wedding rings, this rushnyky took several hours to embroider and will sure to become an heirloom for generations. You may also use this rushnyk to drape your wedding icons in your new home.
  3. Embroidered Cloth to Tie the Hands
    • Another fabulous rushnyk for the tying of hands during your wedding or a beautiful table cover.  A lovely red embroidery would fit into any decor. It measures 91/2″ X 54″ in size.
  4. Wedding Shawls
    • On the day of the wedding the matron of honor (druzhka) will adorn the bestman and groomsmen with shawls (sherenkeh) to be worn over the right shoulder. Corsages were pinned on the left. Kalyna can even make your corsages for you.  Here we have a very dashing shawl for the bestman.
    • Woven & Embroidered Rushnyk: This beautiful woven rushnyk is also embroidered and like the rest of our rushnyky was made in Western Ukraine. It measures 13″ X 76″.
  5. Wedding Icons
    • A breath-taking Icon of Mother of Kazan’ in a wood and glass frame.  Metallic art on these Icons are absolutely is exquisite.  A beautiful wedding Icon or perfect for your prayer corner or Church. These Icons will be treasured from generation to generation. Measures a large 10.5″ X 13″ X 1.5″ in size
  6. After Ceremony Bridal Headpiece
    • In a special ceremony, the bride’s wedding headpiece is removed, and a kerchief is placed on her head. This act symbolically incorporates her into the community of married women.
  7. Matching Going Away Blouse & Shirt
    • After the supper, the bride says farewell to her friends and parents. To the accompaniment of songs and music, she departs with the groom’s party for his family’s home. They take her dowry and belongings with her. How beautiful would it be to have your husband’s shirt match your going away blouse. Both of these items are hand-embroidered with satin threads and are truly a beautiful work of art. Please see our ladies blouses and men’s shirts for availability.

4 Sep

Hand-Crafted Tobacco Pipes

All of pipes are hand-crafted  from Western Ukraine – Carpathian territory, one of the most beautiful regions of Ukraine which absorbed in itself centuries of old Ukrainian folk traditions and customs and keeps them with solicitude. Stylized tobacco-pipes of Ukrainian Zaporozhsky cossacks – lyulykas. All wood used in each pipe is grown in the forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Every pipe can be an eccentric gift or decoration, and all pipes can be smoked.  Stem of each pipe can be removed cleaning. 

4 Sep

Travel Ukraine

is proud to recommend a travel and translation agency that we know you won’t be disappointed in! Ukrainian Service is based in Vinnitsa, Ukraine with the knowledge and experience you will want while visiting Ukraine.

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Religious Wooden Icons

Icons are a unique part of worship in the Orthodox Church.  By representing Jesus Christ and the Saints through art, they not only remind worshippers of bible stories but also make visible what is normally invisible.  No matter what religion they are a beautiful reminder of what is Holy. 

4 Sep


The Grate Profets:
This singing, songwriting duo from the Ukraine introduces a unique blend of melodies with roots in folk, classical, jazz and rock.
Their lyrics have been influenced by the well-known Soviet poet Vladimir Visotsky and their music derives from many of the popular individuals and groups of the ages, from Mozart to Monk. This intriguing group appeals to a wide audience.

Dmitry Berger writes and arranges the music that Larissa delivers with her exceptionally clear and vibrant voice. He also accompanies her on keyboards and guitar.

The Grate Profets are an unusual act that can either captivate or excite with an eclectic mix of music, supplemented with a wit that can be humorous or ironic

This unusual by North American as well as European standards album, which consists of 12 different from each other songs, employs themes, historically spread from the 17th century to the year 2005, includes poetry from Ukrainian folk to Mandelshtam and mixes such musical styles as metal, techno-pop, reggae, blues, hip-hop, punk and the old good urban folk. The 6 songs are in Russian, 4 are in Ukrainian and 2 are in English languages. Click on the names to listen to their music!

Matrushka Dolls

If you are looking for a wonderful little Maturshka, you have come to the right place! From whole sets to key chains, we have a full line of these adorable little nesting dolls. All of our Matrushka Dolls are hand-crafted and painted in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.  Because of this you will never buy 2 sets exactly alike from us. Pictures cannot detect the true beauty of our Matrushka Dolls, they are far more fantastic! *Note white spots that may appear on the picture are from camera flash and are not on the actual dolls.

Hand-painted Glassware

does their own line of painted glassware in several different varieties and designs.  These pieces make extra special gifts for anyone and can be designed and personalized for that favorite someone. There are absolutely no decals on any of these items, all items are hand-painted and dishwasher safe. All glassware is clear but may not appear clear in pictures due to background colours. 

Greeting Cards and Address Labels

Large Greeting Cards:
creates a very large selection of all season cards.  For a small fee, will personalize your card for that special someone.  All cards are uniquely made for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Get Well, Thank You, and every other occasion, or have one made up just for you! Will also make cards with Ukrainian or English fonts. Large greeting cards come in two sizes: 22mm X 14 1/2 mm and 19mm X 12 mm (regular size store bought cards). We will be putting up a selection of in stock cards on the site soon, so come back again to see what we create.
Small Greeting Cards:
creates perfect note cards for you or your loved ones.  The same applies as the large cards, will personalize these too for a one of a kind look.

also offers a card that is the regular size of store sold cards.  The same applies for this card as with the note and large size cards.
Address Labels:
These popular address labels are personalized and unique.  Labels show your name, full street address and have a coloured Ukrainian design on them.  Several designs and two sizes to choose from.  Email us for more information about designs and fonts to choose from. 

Small labels measure 1 3/” X 1/2″ in size and come with 240 labels. Large labels measure 2 5/8″ X 1/2″ in size and come with 180 labels.