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Ukrainian Egg Supplies
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Please allow 6-8 weeks for specialty orders

We carry all the supplies for the making of a beautiful Ukrainian egg (Pysanky). If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask and we will do our best to get it.

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Beeswax Cleaning Wires Dyes
Egg Blowers Kistkas (Writing Tools) Kits
Egg Books Lathes More Egg Supplies

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Beeswax Strips

Dark colour is easily visible on eggshell.  Made from pure beeswax. Both dark coloured wax and natural beeswax to choose from.

Dark Beeswax: $1.50 per block

 Natural Coloured Beeswax: $1.50 per block

Designed especially for eggshells, produce bright vibrant colours; aniline, non-edible, water soluble.17 colours to choose from:  yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, royal blue, orange, pumpkin, red, scarlet, dark red, pink, black, turquoise, brick, brown, gold and purple.
$1.80 each

Colours may appear different than actual colours.

Yellow Dye


Gold Dye


Orange Dye


Pumpkin Dye


Red Dye


Scarlet Dye


Dark Red Dye

Dark Red:

Pink Dye


Brick Dye



Purple Dye


Light Blue Dye

Light Blue:

Royal Blue Dye

Royal Blue:

Light Green Dye

Light Green:

Dark Green Dye

Dark Green:

Turquoise Dye


Black Dye
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Cleaning Wires
Cleaning Wire

Use to remove unwanted debris such as lint and dirt from funnel of kistka
$0.20 each


Makes straight lines every time; made of durable, washable plastic construction.
$37.00 each
Temporarily out of stock

Writing Tools


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Wooden Kistka
Traditional Wooden Handled Kistka

Shown Above



Kistka-traditional wooden handled;
Copper funnels; recommended for beginners' available in 4 sizes (extra fine, fine, medium, heavy).
$4.00 each
Extra Fine:




Copper funnels; recommended for beginners' available in 4 sizes (extra fine, fine, medium, heavy).
$6.00 each
Extra Fine:



Plastic kistkas
Plastic (Delrin) Handled Kistka
 Shown Above

Kistka-plastic handles (Delrin):
Brass funnels' available in 3 sizes (fine, medium, heavy).
$12.00 each



Christmas Kit
Christmas Kit Shown Above.
Please note, the egg blower shown in photo is discontinued and will be replaced with a single hole eggblower.



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Basic Kits: $20.00 per kit
-Recommended for beginners.
-These kits make Pysanky easy and affordable.
-Contains everything you need to make dozens of Pysanky in the traditional way. 
-Each kit features a pamphlet of instructions, coloured diagrams, helpful hints, important information and sample designs, medium size kistka, 6 basic colours (yellow, orange, red,  light green, light blue and black), beeswax and cleaning wire. 
You will need jars, white vinegar, candle and varnish.

Christmas Kits:  $40.00 per kit
Features 6 dyes (light green, light blue, orange, red and dark red, yellow), egg blower, 12 assorted findings and cords for hanging and Christmas designs.

Teacher's Kits:
Medium Kit: $50.00 per kit
Pysanky is becoming vastly popular in schools everywhere. Several classrooms have already taken advantage of owning their own kits.  Contains the Basic Kit plus 5 additional kistkas, 2 extra wax blocks and Ukrainian Egg Design Book 1.

Large Kit: $70.00 per kit
Contains the Basic Kit plus 9 additional kistkas, 4 extra wax blocks and Ukrainian Egg Design Book 1.

Egg Blowers
Blasfix Egg Blower

One Hole Egg Blower

Blasfix Egg Blower: $17.00 each: 

One Hole Egg Blower: $15.00 each:
Easy to use one-hole system using your own breathe. Made of plastic and sturdy metal. (pictured center).

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**All prices in Canadian dollars.
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