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A book for every age!  
If you are a professional or a beginner, our books are full of help and ideas.
We carry all the supplies for the making of a beautiful Ukrainian egg (Pysanky). If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask and we will do our best to get it.

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Eggs Beautiful
Eggs Beautiful
Eggs Beautiful; How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs: $29.00 each
Luciow & Kmit. A great tradition.  12 colour pages of beautiful eggs including "Trypillian" designs.  Soft  colour-96 pages.
Icon of the Universe
Icon of the Universe
Pysanka; Icon of the Universe: $12.00 each
Tkachuk Kishchuk, Nicholaichuk.  Explains designs from different regions of Ukraine.  Colour photographs,  soft cover-46 pages

Ukrainian Egg Design Books 
Egg DesignsEgg Designs

Ukrainian Egg Design Book 3Ukrainian Egg Design Book 4

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Ukrainian Egg Design-Books: 
separate books featuring designs from all regions of the Ukraine.
Ukrainian Egg Design Book #1: $15.00
By Kmit, Luciow and Perchyshyn 24 wonderful pysanky to copy. Complete step by step directions. Symbolism. Soft cover.

 Ukrainian Egg Design Book #2: $15.00
By Luciow and Perchyshyn 24 new, traditional and original designs with step by step directions. Symbolism. Soft cover. Four color pages.

 Ukrainian Egg Design Book #3: $15.00
By Natalie Perchyshyn 24 stunning pysanky with step by step instructions. More basic designs. Symbolism. 6 page color removable insert.

Ukrainian Egg Design Book #4: $17.00 each
By Natalie Perchyshyn Newest design book published for 2002 in full color. 24 step-by-step pysanky have photographs with each design. Includes 3 goose designs and 3 trypillian designs. 120 pages.

Ukrainian Egg Design
Ukrainian Egg Design Book 5
Ukrainian Egg Design Book #5: $29.00 each
Full-color photographs and clear diagrams take you step by step through the creation of 26 eggs, including one ostrich and two trypillain patterns. In this latest design book you will find all you expect in a design book and more. 183 pages. Hardcover.

Ukr. Eggs How we Make Them
Ukr. Easter Eggs
Ukrainian Easter Eggs and How We Make Them: $27.00 each
Kmit, Luciow, Perchyshyn.  A colourful book showing hundreds of designs.  Symbolism, tradition and technique are discussed.  Soft covered-104 pages.
Decorating Eggs
Book: Decorating Eggs
Decorating Eggs-Exquisite Designs with Wax & Dye by Jane Pollak: $28.00 each
Popular book showing many non-traditional designs using the batik method of decorating eggs. Emphasis is on quilting designs. 125 pages of colourful designs and instructions.

Ostrich Pysanky
Ostrich Pysanky
Ostrich Pysanky: $7.00 each
Ostrich Pysanky - Decorating Ostrich Eggs the Ukrainian Way, by Natalie Perchyshyn. Contains invaluable information about shell preparation, dye treatment, containers, guidelines and much more. Has three designs with unique divisions appropriate for ostrich eggs. Diagrammed with step by step instructions.
Kalyna's Colouring Book
Kalyna Colouring Book
Pysanky Design and Colouring Book: $5.00 each
Kalyna's 2nd edition is our new and  improved colouring book.   Can be used as a learning tool, it is filled with many widely used symbols and their meanings or can be used as a fun colouring book for children to practice  with crayons first. This book is sure to be an asset for children and adults alike.
A Kid's Guide to Decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Kids Learning Book

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A Kid's Guide to Decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs: $15.00 each 
By Natalie Perchyshyn 48 pages - all color. Good book for beginners of all ages. Contains systematic instruction designed to give the basic skills needed for decorating pysanky.
This Was the Day!
A Ukrainian Easter Story
This was the Day! A Ukrainian Easter Story by Ann Kmit: A delightful little story about Easter and it's traditions. 
$6.00 each

Kalyna's Begginer Pamphlet
Instruction Pamphlet
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Pamphlets: $3.00 each
-Kalyna's Beginner's Pamphlet: The same colourful pamphlet is included in all our kits. Includes a colourful egg samples insert.  (Shown Top)

-How to Decorate Beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky) by Luba Perchyshyn. 6 page instruction in color.  Very helpful for people doing their first egg. (Shown bottom).

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