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Wooden Pysanky
Wooden Ukrainian Eggs
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All of Kalyna's wooden pysanky are hand-crafted by some of the finest artisans in the Carpathian Mountains or Kiev, Ukraine.  You will notice the difference between the eggs from one region to the next, each depicting it's own beauty and fine craftsmanship. 
Be sure to check back soon, many more egg items are on their way!

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Wooden Easter Eggs:
Wooden Eggs

Never worry about shipping eggs to your loved ones or having your children play with them.  These beautifully designed hand-painted standard eggs are a gift that will last for generations. No two exactly alike. Made in Ukraine. Limited quantities.
Standard Wooden Egg: $4.00 each

Intricate Wooden Eggs:
Wooden Pysanky (eggs)

No two exactly alike, from Ukraine, many colours to choose from.
Intricate Wooden Egg: $10.00 each

Wooden Egg Magnets:
Pysanky Magnets

Intricate fridge pysanky magnets make the ideal gift for anyone who has a fridge! 
$4.00 each

Large Wooden Egg and Stand:
Lg. Wooden Egg

Very large, intricately painted wooden egg stands approximately 4" in height.  No 2 exactly alike. Stand included. Very beautifully done.
$12.00 each

Icon Eggs with Stand:
Icon Wooden Eggs
Shown above, left to right; 1 & 2

Both eggs are of Mary and Baby Jesus but both are different.  They are absolutely gorgeous and exquisitely made.  Measuring approximately 6" in height  these eggs would highlight any collection.  
$25.00 each
Icon Egg #1:

 Icon Egg #2:SOLD

Petrikivskyi Egg & Stand:
Black eggBlack egg 2Black Egg 3
Shown above left to right; 1, 2 3,
Black Egg 4Black Egg 5Black Egg 6
Shown above left to right; 4, 5

Black Egg 7 Black Egg 8Black Egg 9 
Shown above left to right; 7, 8, 9


In the central part of Ukraine, in Dnipropetrovsk region, there is a village of Petrykivka, where the traditions of old-time national handicraft are being carefully kept. Modern Petrikivskyi is characterized, first of all, as vegetative, mainly flowers. It is based on close studying of real forms of local flowers and using it as a basis for creation of fantastic, nonexistent flowers. The artists are motivated by  garden and meadow flowers and berries. 
These are very high quality, free-hand painted eggs so although the pattern may appear the same, no two will be exactly alike.  Measures approx. 4" from base to top of egg.  Exquisitely painted and enhanced with gold.  They would make a beautiful and unique gift for your collection.  Many new eggs now available! Watch for upcoming pictures. These pictures do not reflect their real beauty, they are far more gorgeous than they appear here.
$12.00 each

Egg #1:

 Egg #2:

 Egg #3:

 Egg #4:

 Egg #5:SOLD  Egg #6: SOLD

Egg #7:

 Egg #8:

 Egg #9:

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