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Hand-Crafted Tobacco Pipes
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All of Kalyna's pipes are hand-crafted  from Western Ukraine - Carpathian territory, one of the most beautiful regions of Ukraine which absorbed in itself centuries of old Ukrainian folk traditions and customs and keeps them with solicitude. Stylized tobacco-pipes of Ukrainian Zaporozhsky cossacks - lyulykas. All wood used in each pipe is grown in the forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Every pipe can be an eccentric gift or decoration, and all pipes can be smoked. 
Stem of each pipe can be removed cleaning. 
Please note Kalyna only carries one of each pipe, similar pipes can be ordered via specialty orders however as they are hand-crafted, no two will be exactly alike. All pipes come with a metal lined bowl.

Pipe #1

Humorous Hutzul pipe that will sure to put a smile on any pipe smoker.   It was made out of native wood in the Carpathian mountains by skilled craftsman from Western Ukraine, an area famous for their wood artisans. It measures approximately 11" in length.

Pipe #2
Ukrainian wooden pipe
This is an another hand-made pipes with carved face in a Hutzul style.  The pipe is an example of Ukrainian folk art.  Pipe can be a very nice gift for man. The pipes can be smoked. You can apart stem of pipes for cleaning. Approx. 9" in height.

Pipe #3
Wooden Pipe 3

It is made of walnut tree in the Carpathian Mountains of western Ukraine. Legend has it that walnut symbolized concentrated wisdom. It is a hand-carved pipe with metal lined bowl and metal cap on the bowl. 11" in length

Pipe #4
Ukrainian Wooden Pipe 4
This exquisite pipe made of boiled pear wood. Created by the wood in the Carpathian Mountains and adorned with beads this pipe measures a long 12" in length.
Pipe #5

This is an exquisite hand-carved pipe out of cherry wood with metal lined bowl. 12" in height.

Pipe #6

This is an exquisite hand-carved pipe with metal lined bowl and metal cap on the bowl. It made out of cherry-tree. 11 1/2" in height.

Pipe #10
Ukrainian pipe 10

Polished pear wood and an amazing tryzub carving (enhanced with gold) make this pipe simply beautiful.  You are sure to get complete satisfaction from this pipe. Artists initials are carved into the pipe.
Comes apart for easy cleaning and with a soft leather pipe bag. It measures approximately 6" in length.
Pipe #13
Ukrainian Pipe 13
Another work of art carved by an experienced Ukrainian pipe artist.  A gorgeous sailboat enhanced with gold, makes this pipe absolutely unique. Comes apart for easy cleaning. Made of pear wood with a vulcanite stem it measures approximately 6" in length. Comes with soft leather bag.
Pipe #14
Ukrainian Pipe 14 Ukrainian Pipe 14a
Ukrainian Pipe 14b Ukrainian Pipe 14c

Signed by the artist this pear wood pipe comes apart for easy cleaning. An elegant carving surrounds this gorgeous pipe made of pear wood.  With a vulcanite stem this pipe measures approximately 6" in length. Comes apart for easy cleaning. 

Pipe #17
Ukrainian Wooden Carved Pipe
Another of Ukraine's best quality carved pipes. This beautiful eagle is carved from cherry root.  The ebonite mouthpiece comes apart for easy cleaning. It measures 6" in length and comes with a real leather bag for storage.  The artists initials are carved into this pipe.  Be sure to click on the pipe's picture for more details.
Pipe #18
Ukrainian Carved Pipe 18
A gorgeous tiger's head lined in gold is carved into this exquisite pipe. Made from sweet cherry root with a detachable ebonite mouthpiece for easy cleaning.  It measures 6" in length and comes with a genuine leather bag for storage. The artist's initials are carved into this pipe. Click on picture for more detail. 
Pipe #19
Ukrainian Carved Pipe
The lion carved into this pipe is absolutely stunning. This pipe is made of cherry root and comes with a detachable ebonite mouthpiece for easy cleaning.  Would make an amazing gift or addition to your collection. Extremely awesome work is taken to carve this 6" pipe. The artist's initials are engraved into this pipe and it comes with a genuine leather bag for storage. You simply must click on the picture to see more of it's amazing details.

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**All prices in Canadian dollars.
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