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Pictures and Wall Hangings
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**Please note some frames may be different than they appear in the pictures depending on availability. Be assured that the frame you receive will be of equal quality if not the exact same.

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Framed Pictures:
White Framed Pictures
Embroidered flowers in uniquely framed white frames.  Several different flowers to choose from. Some flowers (see picture) use a delicate gold thread. Only 3 left.
$5.00 each

Framed Print:
Framed Boy Dancer
Framed Dancing Boy Print

Framed Print:
Girl Dancer
Girl Dancing Frame Print 

These two wonderful little dancers would make a great gift for anyone who appreciates the art of Ukrainian dance.  Framed 8' X 10" prints are $25.00 each
Dancing Boy Framed Print: $25.00 each SOLD New frames available soon. 

Dancing Girl Framed Print: $25.00 each SOLD New frames available soon.

You may also purchase these prints unframed, size 8" X 10":
Dancing Boy Large Unframed: $12.00 each:

Dancing Girl Large Unframed: $12.00 each:

We also offer a smaller print sized 5 1/2" X 8 1/2":

Dancing Boy Small Unframed: $8.00 each:

Dancing Girl Small Unframed: $8.00 each

Framed Print:
Dancers Set

Framed in a gold and glass set of frames, this set would make a great addition to your little dancer's room.  (Glass frame is clear taken on white background to show frame). 5" X 7" in size.
Dancing Girl and Boy Set:
$20.00 a set

Framed Print:
Girl Dancing PictureBoy Dancing Picture

Wooden framed dancers: 
Dancing Girl and Boy Set Wood:
$20.00 a set

Framed Print:
Ukrainian Melody:

Bandura Playing Girl

Ukrainian Melody: Framed Print 5" X 7" in size. By Award Winning Canadian Artist: Tania Axiuk. 
$10.00 each

Framed Print:

Ukrainian Dog PictureUkrainian Dog Picture 2

A great Ukrainian gift for every dog lover. These beautiful pictures measure 6" X 8" in size
Mandi Dog 1: $10.00 each

Mandi Dog 2: $10.00 each

Framed Print:
Ukrainian Still Life:


Ukrainian Still Life Print: 5" X 7" in size. By Award Winning Canadian Artist: Tania Axiuk. Frame shown is sold-out.  Frame shown below (Eggs and Wheat People Frame) is currently available with this print.
$10.00 each

Framed Print:
Eggs and Wheat People
Print: Eggs & Wheat People

Eggs and Wheat People Frame Print: 6" X 8" in size
$10.00 each

Framed Print:
Hut Scene
Hut Picture

Hut Scene Framed Print: 8" X 10" in size.
$15.00 each:


Framed Print:
Maiden and Bandura Print

Maiden Playing Bandura Print: 8" X 10" in size.
$15.00 each.

Framed Print:
Egg Faces and Wheat:

Egg Face Picture

Egg Faces and Wheat Framed Print: 6" X 8" in size
$10.00 each

Framed Print:
Lovers by Well:
Picture: Lovers By Well
Picture: Lovers by Well

Young Lovers By Well: A traditional print of two lovers by a well would make an excellent engagement or wedding gift. 6" X 8" in size:
$10.00 each
Wooden Frame:

$12.00 each
White and Gold Frame:
6 3/4" X 8 3/4" in size:

Framed Print:
Tender Moments:
Print: Young LoversPrint: Young Lovers

Tender Moments: 6" X 8" in size, wooden frame. By Award Winning Canadian Artist: Tania Axiuk.
$10.00 each

$12.00 each
White and Gold Frame:
6 3/4" X 8 3/4" in size:

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**All prices in Canadian dollars.
Remember to call us toll free (at the number above) or email us for accurate pricing.**   

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