The Grate Profets:
This singing, songwriting duo from the Ukraine introduces a unique blend of melodies with roots in folk, classical, jazz and rock.
Their lyrics have been influenced by the well-known Soviet poet Vladimir Visotsky and their music derives from many of the popular individuals and groups of the ages, from Mozart to Monk. This intriguing group appeals to a wide audience.

Dmitry Berger writes and arranges the music that Larissa delivers with her exceptionally clear and vibrant voice. He also accompanies her on keyboards and guitar.

The Grate Profets are an unusual act that can either captivate or excite with an eclectic mix of music, supplemented with a wit that can be humorous or ironic

This unusual by North American as well as European standards album, which consists of 12 different from each other songs, employs themes, historically spread from the 17th century to the year 2005, includes poetry from Ukrainian folk to Mandelshtam and mixes such musical styles as metal, techno-pop, reggae, blues, hip-hop, punk and the old good urban folk. The 6 songs are in Russian, 4 are in Ukrainian and 2 are in English languages. Click on the names to listen to their music!

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