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Here you will find everything else!  Whether it's novelty items to show your Ukrainian pride or Ukrainian pins or candles, you will find it all in this section!

Pysanky Wreathes are in just in time for Easter.  What a wonderfully unique gift, great for Easter but can be hung all year long!! Each wreath measures 10" in diameter and comes ready for hanging.

Pysanky Wreath
Wreath #1:
$20.00 each

Pysanky Wreath 2
Wreath #2:
$20.00 each

Pysanky Wreath 3
Wreath #3:

Metal Pins

Top Row L to R: #1, #2, #3
Bottom Row L to R: #4, #5, #6

Perfect  for any occasion. Affordable for your whole Sunday School class or dance group or for an special little one in your life. These wonderful little pysanky pins measure approximately 2" in diameter.  Limited Qualities.
$1.00 each








Paper Flags

Great little paper flag to show your Ukrainian pride. Flag measures 3" X 5.5" on an 8" stick. Limited Qualities
$1.00 each

Car Magnet
Ukrainian Car Magnet

Show your proud to be Ukrainian with this great multi-coloured car magnet.  This is an expertly made magnet that won't fall off your vehicle no matter what the weather. It measures approximately 8" X 4" is 30 mil thick and has UV Protection to keep your magnet looking new
$8.50 each

Ukrainian Flag:

 A 3 feet by 5 feet UKRAINIAN Flag suitable for home or group. Can be used as a wall hanger as well. It is made  of lightweight durable polyester and has 2 brass grommets for flying on a pole. This Flag is Wind, Weather and Fade Resistant. Durable Degree of Sunshine, and Water Wash. It is made of Superb Quality Cloth.
$20.00 each

Ukrainian Puppy Bows:
Dog Bows
Dog Bows
Mandi is modeling an adorable, hand-made puppy bow, perfect for your next Ukrainian celebration.  Each set comes with 2 bows and double reinforced ouch less elastics. Three sizes to choose from. These bows could easily be used for your little girl. Can be made larger if needed.
Small Bow Set (Approx. 1 1/2" in length): 
$3.50 a set:

 Medium Bow Set (Approx 2" in length):
$4.00 a set:

 Large Bow Set (Approx 3" in length):
$5.00 a set:

Wall Plates:
Plate 1Plate 2
Shown above: Plate 1 & 2
Plate 3
Shown above: Plate 3

These plates are made of a hard plastic and measure 10" in diameter.  The first plate is of a Hutzul dance couple, the second is of dancers celebrating outdoors and the third is a traditional Poltaski couple.  These are the only 3 we have available and would make a lovely addition to your collection or to simply start a new collection.
$15.00 each or all 3 for $40.00
Plate 1:

 Plate 2:

 Plate 3:

Ukrainian Golf Balls:

The golf enthusiasts will love having one of these to take to the course. Available in various designs. Egg stand can be found in Egg Supplies.
$3.00 each


Perogy Maker:
Perogy Maker
Sara's Perogy Maker will make perfect perogies all the time. Comes with dough and filling recipes. 
$10.00 each

Pastry Maker:
Pastry Maker

This is Sara's Pastry Maker which is larger than the perogy maker.  
$12.00 each

Ostrich Size Candle 1 & 2

These ostrich egg size candles are gorgeous as gifts or to keep for yourself. One of each available only.
$10.00 each
Ostrich Size Candle #1-$10.00

Ostrich Size Candle #2-$10.00

Ostrich Size Candle 3 & 4

Ostrich Size Candle #3-$10.00

Ostrich Size Candle #4-$10.00

Ostrich Size Candle 5

Ostrich Size Candle #5-$10.00

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