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Pure Beeswax Candles

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*Please note all these candles are specialty orders!

offers pure beeswax candles made with high quality, all natural, unbleached, filtered beeswax.
Our hand-crafted candles are long lasting, clean burning and do not release the toxins and soot common to commercially produced candles. They are the candle of choice for those who have asthma, allergies, or headaches due to scented candles.
Our beeswax candles are naturally fragrant with a subtle honey scent. Because they are made with filtered beeswax, they produce a clear, bright, steady flame, and beautiful illumination that fills your room.
Accented with painted designs or just plain these beautiful candles are sure to enhance the atmosphere in anyone's home all hand painted with no two being exactly alike.

Kalyna also makes plain candles (without painting or glassware), if you prefer, email for more information. Glassware varies depending on availability.
Be sure to check out our Ukrainian  motif decaled candles!

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Daisy Candles:
Daisy Set

1 inch set of two, Daisy Design: 8 hours burning time
$10.00: Set of 2

 Geometric Votive:
Geometric Votive

2 inch Geometric Design Votive: 16 hours burning time.
$8.00 Each
Our solid beeswax votives are compact and long-burning - at least 15 hours - with a natural honey scent, and bright, soothing light. The geometric design adds a touch of "Ukrainian" to your table setting.

Wheat 1 Votive:
Wheat 1 Votive

2 inch Wheat Design 1:
$6.00 Each
Each of our wheat designs is unique on it's own or can be purchased together to make a very nice table centerpiece.

Geometric 2 Votive:
Geometric 2 Votive

2 inch Geometric Design 2:
$12.00 Each
This is an intricately designed candle painted in the traditional red, white and black colours.

Wheat 2 Votive:
Wheat 2 Votive

2 inch Wheat Design 2:
$6.00 Each
The second of our Wheat Collection, can brings out the traditional characteristics of our Ukrainian heritage.

Rushnyk Votive:
Rushnyk Votive

2 inch Rushnyk Votive:
$10.00 Each
Who could resist this votive wrapped with a rushnyk and enhanced with a sheath of wheat.

Poppy Set:
Poppy Set

Poppy Set:
12.00 Set of 3
From bud to bloom these beautiful poppies truly represent our Ukrainian heritage and will enhance any table setting or become the centerpiece for a mantle.

Star/Wheat Set:
Star/Wheat Set

Star/Wheat Tealight Set:
$10.00 Per Set 
Pure 100% beeswax tealight with a crystal star holder included. This set includes 7 tealights and is enhance with hand-painted wheat trimmed with gold. Tealights fill countless candle lighting opportunities.

Moon/Geometric Set:
Moon Set

Moon/Geometric Tealight Set:
$10.00 Per Set
Similar to the above set, these little candles would make a great gift for yourself or anyone on your gift list.

6 Inch Goblet Set:
6 Inch Goblet Set

6 Inch Goblet Set:
$10.00 Per Set of 2
For a wonderfully romantic evening (or two), these candles will burn for countless hours with the wonderfully mild aroma of honey. 100% beeswax.

9 Inch Goblet Set:
9 Inch Candle Goblets

9 Inch Goblet Set:
$15.00 Per Set of 2
If you are planning a wedding or shower, this pair would make the perfect gift and guaranteed to shine the night (and day) through.

Personalized Goblets:
Personalized Goblets

Personalized Goblet Set:
$20.00 Per Set of 2
Enhanced with silk flowers these personalized candles make an ideal wedding or anniversary set.  Can be personalized using any colour, flower or writing....your ideas, we design them!

**All prices in Canadian dollars.
Remember to call us toll free (at the number above) or email us for accurate pricing.**   

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