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Intricately embroidered and some woven towels suitable for weddings and home decorations. Each of our embroidered pieces are delicately hand-embroidered using no machines and takes many hours of work to be treasured from generation to generation. 

Our woven rushnyky are intricately woven in Western Ukraine. They are reasonably priced enough that now anyone can own an authentic piece from the old country. 

Ukrainian Egg Supplies

We carry all the supplies for the making of a beautiful Ukrainian egg (Pysanky). If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask and we will do our best to get it.

1. Beeswax

Dark colour is easily visible on eggshell.  Made from pure beeswax. Both dark coloured wax and natural beeswax to choose from.

2. Dyes

Designed especially for eggshells, produce bright vibrant colours; aniline, non-edible, water soluble.17 colours to choose from:  yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, royal blue, orange, pumpkin, red, scarlet, dark red, pink, black, turquoise, brick, brown, gold and purple.

3. Cleaning Wires

Use to remove unwanted debris such as lint and dirt from funnel of kistka

4. Lathe

Makes straight lines every time; made of durable, washable plastic construction.

5. Kiskas

Kistka-traditional wooden handled;
Copper funnels; recommended for beginners’ available in 4 sizes (extra fine, fine, medium, heavy).

Copper funnels; recommended for beginners’ available in 4 sizes (extra fine, fine, medium, heavy).

6. Egg Blowers

Easy to use one-hole system using your own breathe. Made of plastic and sturdy metal.

Costume Pieces & Props

Can supply all your costume needs, from the very rare headpieces, for that one time performance to sashes for your dance costumes, we can supply them all.  Please come back soon for a more detailed look into stock. As each costume is unique it is essential that you phone or email for more details.

Wooden Maces:
The mace was used as a weapon by Ukrainian rulers and guards until the 19th century.  It later became a ceremonial symbol of power and domination.  This mace can be used as a display or prop, they are handmade maces from the Carpathian Mountains 


A “sorochka” is a traditional embroidered shirt or blouse. The embroidery patterns vary from region or village where the sorochka was made.  The decorative flowers or bands symbolize prosperity and fertility.  Ideally the piece is made from cotton or linen.  The edges of the sleeves were traditionally embroidered to protect the wearer from the “evil eye”.  The poyas (sash) served it’s purpose as well providing an easy place to hold tools.


All ceramics and glassware are hand-painted by Canadian or Ukrainian artists using the finest materials available. Our ceramics come exclusively from renowned ceramic makers Diana May Clay Ltd.  and Ceramic Cottage. All ceramics are handmade in a deep rich identical red, due to flaws with picture they may not appear to be. Some styles may differ slightly from pictures depending on availability.